Entry #16


2016-01-15 02:26:28 by Sha-ne

Knowing that 24 people listened to a song I made... it fills me with DETERMINATION.

Really! 24 people is 12x more people than I usually show it to via Facebook Chat. I feel pretty excited, like the time I first posted on the Art Portal here. I mean, the reason I wanted to post music here is for feedback, and I consider votes as feedback as well. I've been reminding myself to come back to newgrounds and try and participate in the audio portal more so I could be more integrated with the community.

I... I want to say something else as well: I think I've turned to music because I lost my art. I mean, if anyone sees my older posts, one can see that I posted quite a few drawings and stuff. I used to be a BIG art guy, and I would have eventually made progress into digital drawings from paper sketches and stuff. But thing is, I was actually posting all the art I made while interacting with my friends and idols from another site: SheezyArt.

...does anyone even remember SheezyArt?

Anyway, that site closed down for repairs or something, and never came back up. I simply lost the motivation to practice drawing after that. Sheezy wasn't big like deviantart, so the community was smaller and cozier. Plus there were some wicked profile customizations... but I had quite a few followers(?) if I remember correctly. The interactions between me and other users there motivated me to keep drawing, and when the site closed, I just... stopped making art.

Eventually I listened to my first deadmau5 song, learned that he used FL Studio as a kid or something, then became obsessed with making electronic music. By that time I was like 16, I think.

That's the long/short(?) story of why I started making music... sort of. To fill a gap left from the loss of a community. 

Other than that, I have a REAL track coming up. Since I'm posting to newgrounds I won't have to worry about cover art, but this is gonna be... REAL. I'm putting the WHOLE WORKS on it, including proper mixing and mastering (to the best of my abilities). I just finished the... blueprints?- of it today, and it's gonna be around 7 minutes, maybe longer, hopefully shorter. Crazy, I know, but the track just needed to be that way. I'm SERIOUS about this next one, it's going to truly be unlike anything I've posted here before. It's going to be the start of my own personal sound. MY SOUND. MY STYLE. A REAL Complextro song... I hope someone likes it, because I'm putting MAXIMUM effort into it.

Expect it to come in a couple months though, okay? School starts next week, and the Superbowl is coming soon too.

Thanks to anyone reading this far. Go Patriots!


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